Carl and Gail Mickens, Orlando, Florida

Carl and Gail Mickens

Orlando, Florida

How long were you associated with the Watchtower Society?  30 years

How long have you been out now? (2008)  26 years

How long have you had experience WITH Jehovah's Witnesses?  56 years

Do you have any church affiliation currently?  Southern Baptist.  However, we are comfortable with many other church groups.  We have associated with denominational as well as non-denominational churches and have found the same gospel message and love, with no judgment.  It’s not at all what the Watchtower Society has told us.  Their message of fear and distrust is un-warranted.

What you can offer another friend:   Counseling, answering questions, providing material to read, cassettes.

Phone:  407.295.4044

Email: or

Story: We treasure the memories of all the friends we had associated with through our 30 years in the organization.  This, of course, includes many relatives.  Our departure was our decision and not the Society’s.  We saw how the Society controlled our lives, hence suppressing many great truths of scripture.   There is empathy, now, for those who are in their transition from the Society.  We have experienced the trauma of leaving as well as the uncertainty of one’s future spiritual walk.  There are questions, questions, questions.  Praise God, there are answers.  

Being In Christ 30 Years a Watchtower Servant on mp3

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